So you want to have a joyful afternoon or evening while learning a bit about cocktails or mocktails? Look no further, we’ll bring the fun!

We can have a rum, gin or whiskey flight and find the darkest secrets behind all the spirits. We can explore the wonderful world of craft cocktails and mocktails. It’s up to you.

We bring along professional equipment such as a bar counter, shakers, jiggers, bar spoons and strainers that are needed for the workshop. Of course we also provide the right premium glassware and we only work with the freshest products, homemade syrups and premium spirits. And yes, we even bring first-class premium ice cubes. We also provide daily fresh produce for the special garnishes and all of the juices are freshly squeezed on the day of the tasting.

For our cocktail and mocktail tastings we explore all the ingredients and taste them separately so you can recognise them in the cocktail afterwards.

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Are you more of a hands on person? We’ve also got that covered. Read all about it on our workshop page!

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