In our cocktail workshop of around two hours we take the time learn everything there’s to know about three cocktails. For our standard cocktail workshop we always select a classic cocktail recipe, a variation of a well-known cocktail and one of our very own craft cocktail recipes. With these three cocktails we teach you the right techniques and we tell you the fun and sometimes even quirky stories behind the spirits we use. We talk shop about all the ingredients separately and taste them all so you can recognise them in the cocktail afterwards.

We bring along professional equipment such as a bar counter, shakers, jiggers, bar spoons and strainers that are needed for the workshop. Of course we also provide the right premium glassware and we only work with the freshest products, homemade syrups and premium spirits. And yes, we even bring first-class premium ice cubes. We also provide daily fresh produce for the special garnishes and all of the juices are freshly squeezed on the day of the workshop.

The choice of cocktails depends on the seasons and of course on your tastes and preferences. The level of the workshop itself is also determined by the existing knowledge. If you wish, we can also process mocktails in our workshop. These are the alcohol-free version of cocktails.

At the end of the workshop, we provide each participant with a recipe booklet with the cocktails that we have covered so that you can make these later for your friends and family.. and maybe even for some of the colleagues!

Where can you book a workshop like this? Well, that is possible on location at your home or at your company, as long as the room is sufficiently ventilated and there is access to running water and drainage as this is needed to keep our equipment clean. If the weather allows, this can take place outside. If you do not have a location available yourself, we can provide it.

For our standard craft cocktail workshop with 3 cocktails we ask € 52 (incl. VAT) per person with a kilometer allowance of € 0.35 / km (calculated from our home base in Tervuren). We always work with quotations so that everything is clear. For our more tailor-made cocktail workshops, the price depends on the number of cocktails and/or mocktails and the distance traveled.

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